We unleash the beauty of wood to give you furniture with enjoyable design. We perform any kind of work per customer specification, both on large scale and in single items.

Our catalogue includes not only wood, essences and veneers, but also precious materials, such as leather, fabrics, glass or mirrors to finish our products.
We have a technical and a production department. The former analyses and develops the projects; the latter produces furniture with the utmost care for the finish and the strength of the assembly.
Trust our experience and know-how: since 1985, we have turned carpentry into a form of art.

These are the main production stages:

  • we choose the best materials and processing techniques,
  • we buy the raw materials at very competitive prices thanks to our special relationship with various suppliers,
  • we process the materials and finish the products,
  • we transport and build the furniture on-site,

F.lli Rizzato Carpentry uses only the best technology of IMA Group.